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(10:15:56) BoogieMonster: Health minister Dr Zwelini Mkhize says that he understands the apprehension around the new National Health Insurance (NHI), but has reassured stakeholder​s that the system will be run with the same efficiency and integrity as other public entities..
(10:17:20) BoogieMonster: Now that is a load off of my mind!
(04:20:50) brianvds: I wonder what medical load shedding will look like....
(10:51:13) Mefiante: “Please check the Health Shedding timetable for your area online. The Emergency and Treatment Services grid is severely constrained​, and will only be available at the scheduled times. We apologise for any deaths caused.”
(14:36:30) Mefiante: “Download our free Deathkom Se Push app for Apple or Android.”
(22:03:37) BoogieMonster: Unfortunately matric results will be released tomorrow, so MRI's will not be operational​.

Just had to share this to my local paper.
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And more proof that the honourable minister is right, and the system will indeed be run with the same efficiency as other departments:

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Carbon monoxide should do the trick. It's odourless and therefore harmless. Just hope it knocks out those millipede reptiles. But kindly keep a specimen or two for the naturalists - I'm sure they could squeeze a few papers out of that.
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But kindly keep a specimen or two for the naturalists - I'm sure they could squeeze a few papers out of that.
Good thinking!  There’s an excellent chance well-seasoned scientists will discover new biological spices such as flying bed bucks, warps, and co crèches.

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(08:08:31) brianvds: https://www​.businessins​​room-challen​ge-nasa-says​-viral-trend​-is-based-on​-hoax-2020-2
(08:09:28) brianvds: And of course, which direction the water in your flushing toilet rotates, depends on which hemisphere you are in... :-)
(10:31:45) Rigil_Kent: It does to some degree, but it is mostly due to the spiceness of the local cuisine and how lipophilic capsaicin overreacts when suddenly released into a dilute aqueous medium. I believe it's to do with the curry holess force.
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