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Be honest, have you ever tried to have a decent conversation with me, devoid of any veiled ad hominems? Perhaps we can pick it up from there...?

Now you are talking serious shit - you are incapable of having any "decent conversation" on any forum. In fact, apart from what you plagiarise and quote from others, you seem mostly incapable of posting any original thought.
Never draw fire - it irritates everyone around you.

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problem is, and this is from many months of observation, is that, tele, you never really answer the questions put to you.

That's a lie.

then why are people on this forum constantly complaining that they cant get a straight answer out of you?!
cyghost has tried for ages, and ends up popping a vein trying to coax you into an answer that satisfies the criteria for common logic.
this forum is full of people ready and rearing to argue and debate, and yet, one meets a brick wall of illogical arguments and theories with you.    we are here, after all, to be skeptic.  to argue away the veil that people pull over your eyes.  so the idea is, have evidence.  concrete evidence.  not links to websites claiming more rubbish.  
you seem to be the champion for the etherial.  but obviously the skeptics here arent really to be found for it.
i cant speak for anybody else here, but i loathe reading posts from you, because it seems to follow the same trend of pie in the sky. and after delving though pages of gibberish, and trying to extract what your point it, one is exasperated to find, you still dont offer answers that dont reside in the ether and the theory.
while its fun as all hell to debate the existance of Narnia, we still know the cupboard leads nowhere.
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I knew it wouldn't take long for this thread to be moved here - I must be psychic  >:D

It's funny how we're all saying the same thing and Teleological ignores what's being said and starts behaving like he's the victim. If you go through any of the threads in the Flame section you'll read all these same arguments over and over again.

Like GCG, I gave up reading anything Telly said ages ago. I don't have the time and patience to read through reams of crap only to learn from others here that it is CRAP. It's annoying.

The continuous linking to even more crap is even more annoying.

This is why I haven't been on the forum for so long. I'd rather watch paint dry or gaze at my own navel than read through the stuff Telly posts.

Some of the people here have been here longer than Telly and have a reputation for being someone to go to for solid and sound knowledge, Mefi being one of them. Telly, however, has a reputation for talking nonsense, being unable or unwilling to consider what people far more knowledgable than him have to say. Which means that when I see something posted by Telly, I no longer bother reading it and which means I miss out on a chance of actually learning something.

“Yes, reason has been a part of organized religion, ever since two nudists took dietary advice from a talking snake.”
~ Jon Stewart

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Ah, it's been moved... Seems to have gone downwards since the first reply anyway. Have fun chaps.

“Those who devote themselves to the purpose of proving that there is no purpose constitute an interesting subject for study.” - Alfred North Whitehead