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To the Poor of Africa, Where are you Going? XX Huguenot

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A while back I wrote a letter to the authors of a book on South African History. In this letter I proposed in embryonic terms, the basic thesis of this book. One of the authors, a Professor rejected my concepts out of hand and went so far as to describe my thinking as typically those of a White Afrikaner, thoroughly indoctrinated product of the Apartheid Government's racially biased education system and gullible enough to believe all their lies. In view of my life to date I found this accusation extremely insulting. This resulted in a four year research project that culminated in this book.

I am in the final stages of developing a book on the reasons for and extent of African Poverty. The present draft of the book, To the Poor of Africa, Where are you Going? is for sale at $10.00 off my Website. Skeptics are hereby invited to go to the site, login using
Name: NewYork      (one word)
Password: NYTimes
Then Goto Free Downloads To download the book FREE.  

Please review and comment I think I am making sense, but, I am to close to it to judge.
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Before I start reading the book - is it basically a hypothesis to explain the observed economic state of Africa compared to the rest of the world?

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If your book is going to be anything like your website, and, indeed, your post above, it's going to be a bit painful.

1. Please fix your link above, which currently links to
Code: [Select]
Wot are a fuckup.

2. You have no real protection on your book file, other than having to log in to see the link, which itself requires no password. To save others the pain of your website:

Code: [Select] complete.pdf
3. Your website has some script fucking up right-clicking (thereby preventing numerous actions including opening links in a new window), instead giving some silly message about copyright.

4. To download, you actually expect us to agree to ( speling erra and all ):

By clicking below I confirm that I shall:
1  Read the book with an open mind.
2  Consider my views in the light of this book
3  Communicate my views to both XX Huguenot AND All my friends and collegues be they positive or negative

Very hard to agree to no. 1 as you already have got me grumpy. I read unconditionally, and agree to fuckall.

5. Having a glance though the first bit of the book, I see you attempt to establish some kind of credentials with a long piece about books that "made you who you are". You include the likes of Neville Shute, "Despond Morris" ( a sad fellow methinks ), Tom Clancy, and you expect to be taken seriously. And who the freck is "Stephen Hawkings"? Other speling erras and quirky capitalisation abound. You revere MacArthur even though he had to be relieved of his command in Korea.

I don't think I am going to bother with any more of your trashy book.

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1 Thanks to whoever fixed the link because when I tried it it worked right.
2 Mintaka Yes, in embryonic form still needs development & polishing.
3 Rwenzori. Thanks for the errors pointed out these will be attended to, sorry about your last comment but it's a free world.