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Heard today that "Gay people are nature's way to stop the population explosion". His theory is that there are now more gay people per 100,000 than in the past and that they can not breed so we are going to have less babies. I was so flabbergasted I could not come up with something. Of course it is not such a big thing anymore so not hidden at all cost.
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That view obviously surmises intelligent design.
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Heard today that "Gay people are nature's way to stop the population explosion".

He clearly doesn't understand evolution.

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"Gay people are nature's way to stop the population explosion".
This, as the worlds population went whizzing past the 7 billion mark.... Worldometers
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Funny enough, there might be something to be said for it.

I read in a book, I can't remember what or when, that tests on overpopulation on rats and monkeys have shown a statistically significant increase in homosexuality. Not of the casual, occasional homosexual bent that will still result in offspring when the individual decides to engage in heterosexual intercourse, but exclusivity. I.e. the individual exclusively engages in non-procreating sex. And the only variable that was tweaked was simply population pressure.

I will go through my library and see if I can chase it up. But it was pretty authorative. I seem to remember that it was mentioned in a chapter in Sagan's Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors.