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Hurrican Sandy Caused by Gays

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Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis

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It had to happen, as surely as the sun rises daily.  But you’d think this god could come up with a more efficient way of “systematically destroying America” than gradual attrition by a battery of natural disasters.  Then again, legal and insurance fraternities refer to such events as “acts of God”…

It’s ironical that the doomsayers are apparently unable to see that their god’s wrath was brought on by intolerance for what he himself allegedly made in his infinite power and wisdom.

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Oh dear, you can really set your watch by them, can't you?

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Then again, legal and insurance fraternities refer to such events as “acts of God”…

A nice way of saying "we don't wanna pay this". I mean, if god sent a frikkin hurricane for you, insurance won't help. :)
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