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Religion in schools

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It's worrying, I also teach and in assembly and if anyone is ill or there's some family trauma, the only solution/ advice given is - "All we can do is pray". It totally disempowers children. They are well aware of my views but it is still met with shock by learners and staff. We are getting somewhere in that they at least agree now that just because something gives people hope and makes them feel better (the usual justification) -it doesn't make it true. Evolution is next term, I wait with both eagerness and dread in equal amounts!!
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On Tuesday (10/05) I listened to "Praat Saam" on RSG when they had an academic from UP (University of Pretoria) as a guest speaker on this popular phone-in programme. The topic was centrered around aberrant social beviour in general. But the point I want to stress is this: the academic made a statement during one of his replies, in saying that since religion had been abolished in schools there was an increase in criminal behaviour amongst students/learners.

The fact that most educators hands are tied when it comes to applying discipline has nothing to do with this? As a child in junior school I was taught the correct way of behaving, and then had it reinforced by the application of judicious punishment. In most cases the worst part of being punished was the peer interest. Sounds like the belief is that the threat of eternal fire is regarded as sufficient reason stay within the lines.
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a town just slightly less glamorous than Benoni, Boksburg or Springs
;D I think it will need more than a court case to get rid of something that is so deeply wormed in.
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